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(=dutch, meaning: lump or cloth)

Klont was formed in 2011 after Walter (guitars.Klontname: Dr. Psycho ) and Mark (bass, Klontname: Mr. Moonshiner ) joined forces. Vocalist Eric ( Klontname: Embalmer ) joined the band soon there after. They musically combine Death Metal and Grindcore (Pungent Stench, Macabre, Terrorizer). Lyrically they deal about Serial killers and mass murderers. The first three years they operated without a drummer. The first releases were thereby recorded with a drumcomputer. Klont! also makes videoclips by every release, you can find them on their youtube canal and Facebookpage.

The “The Brutal One” is the first klont release. De recording, mix and“production”were done by the bandmembers themselves. The cd has been released at 20-01-2013
This 4 track demo-cd has the following tracks:

In The Oven ( Dr. Marcel Petiot )
The Brutal One ( Carl Panzram )
Midday Murderer ( Klaus Gosmann )
Red Spider ( Lucian Staniak )

Music: Klont!!
Lyrics: The Embalmer

In Oktober 2013 was the release of their second mcd: “Torsokiller” . This mcd has the following 6 tracks:

I Will Kill ( Hans van Zon )
Torsokiller ( unknown )
Le teuer de l”Oise ( Marcel Barbeault )
Bluebeard Killer ( Herman Drenth )
Death of a 100 Children ( Javed Iqbal )
Candyman ( Dean Corll & Elmer Wayne Henley )

Music: Klont!!
Lyrics: The Embalmer

After a few gigs (Grindfeast in Arnhem and Fortressfest in Beek & Donk) they wrote more songs and re-written some old songs. In September 2014 they released:

“The Butcher and the Beast”.

This mcd contains the following tracks:

Shoot-out ( mass murder sing-a-long )
Addicted to decapitation ( Edmund Kemper )
The Butcher of Hannover ( Fritz Haarmann )
Het Alphen’s Drama ( Tristan van der Vlis )
Little Herb had Voices in His Head ( Herbert Mullin )
Beast of the Black Forest ( Heinrich Pommerencke )
Montague John Druitt ( Jack the Ripper? )
Loneliness of the long distance Killer ( Michael Ryan ).

Music: Klont!!
Lyrics: The Embalmer

After the release of “ The butcher and the beast “ they found a drummer( Maikel,Klontname: Peepo the Clown) . On 7th of March 2015 was his debut performance on Fortress Fest 2.

After a few gigs, Walter was replaced by Frank (Klontname: Axewielder ). On the 24th of October 2015 he joined the band for the first time on stage in Lohengrin, Den Bosch.
During 2016 the writing began for the mcd: I Really screwed up this time
It was released on 12-12-2017 and contains the following tracks:

Categories of Carnage (intro)
I really screwed up this time ( jeffrey Dahmer)
Subway Sarin Attack ( Aum Shrinkyo)
Curacit Killings ( Arnfinn Nesset )
Bloodlust ( Richard Chase )
Sydney Mutilator ( William McDonald )
Ted Bundy
Montague John Druitt part two ( Jack the Ripper?)
Pickled Human Cutlets ( Karl Denke )
10) Candyman ( Dean Corll & Elmer Wayne Henley )
11) The Dark Strangler ( Earl Leonard Nelson)

Music: Klont
Lyrics: The Embalmer
Production: Kaizerschlachtstudio’s Beek en Donk (drums), by Dirk Verspaget with the assistance of Axewielder & The Embalmer. The Shed ( guitar,bass, vocals) bij Axewielder & The Embalmer

At the end of 2017 they played at “little devil: in Tilburg and in 2018 they’ve played several gigs in the Netherlands and written more musick.
In 2018 Peepo had to give up his position temporarily and was replaced by Ramon (klontname: Dr. Mangled). With the temporarily drummer Klont rehearsed for the gigs in 2019.
Dr. Mangled played the gigs with Inhume and God Dethroned at Fortress fest and later on at Beukfest with Impalement.
At the end of 2019 Peepo was back on track and the Klontmachine rolls on…